Current Projects

Through volunteer projects and community events, Junior League members donate hundreds of hours each year to our community. In addition to the numerous volunteer hours donated, JLR is proud to offer financial support through Community Outreach Funds to other nonprofit agencies in our region. We believe we can help make a better and brighter community for the future!


When hearing about diaper need in the Inland Empire, many are quick to write off the true need or to judge those who have a need. However, Junior League of Riverside wants to move beyond these obstacles and bring light to and address the real issues. The fact is, dual-income families make up a large percentage of those families seeking diaper assistance. For a family of 3 or 4, a two bedroom apartment could constitute 60%-80% of their income. Then add on living costs and bills, then groceries and transportation and that leaves little to nothing left at the end of the month. How, then, can these families incorporate the cost of diapers into their monthly expenses?

JLR seeks to not only raise diaper need awareness but to also be able to fundraise and hold diaper drives so we can help our local partnerships provide diapers to those who truly need them. We accept only disposable diapers for babies and toddlers. While cloth diapers are technically legal in daycares across California, a large majority of daycares prohibit them. And, even if a daycare does allow them, cloth diapers cannot be washed in any public washing machines., including those provided by housing complexes. Therefore, for these families in need, the disposable diaper is the only option.

So please, help us in raising awareness. Share with your friends and families. And join us in reaching our diaper drive goals!

Little Libraries

Our little libraries are set up in several parks across Riverside. These libraries are filled a couple times a month with children's books in English and Spanish. The little libraries are for anyone to stop by and pick out books for reading. Books are both new and slightly used. We plan on having book drives in the coming months and partner with retailers to raise funds for the continual replacement of books in the little libraries.

The benefit of reading in our youth is unequivicable. As the infographic below shows, reading aloud to your children in the developmental stages and their continued reading into their teens improves their cognitive thinking skills, their vocabulary and speaking skills, as well as a myriad of other benefits. JLR realizes the benefit and wants to make reading possible for families. The cost of books is high, especially for newest releases that often are first published in hardcover (raising the price $8-$20). With our Little Libraries, children can pick out a book or two and then come back when they have finished them.


What people are saying

“fitRiverside has always given me a sense of accomplishment. As a full time working mother of young children, providing other moms with an opportunity to take their children with them while they all exercise, has been important to me. Many gyms are costly and do not provide child care. Along with that, parents would like to participate with their children rather than leaving them for another hour with someone else or in front of a television set. Healthy eating and living can be expensive and with JLR alleviating some of that burden, I am proud to be associated with such a wonderful community activity.”

Adriana Madril

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