Saturday of Service


Junior League of Riverside is thrilled to announce our inaugural Saturday of Service an amazing day of community outreach. On Saturday, May 6th, League members will spread out across our city to participate in four service projects.

Project One: Meal Planning and Budgeting with foster youth. Volunteers will teaching a meal planning, meal prep and food budgeting with some of the Inspire Home residents.

Project Two: Senior Care Homes. Volunteers will be visiting three different senior care homes spending time with the residents and delivering much needed supplies.

Project Three: Safehouse Visit. Volunteers will be preparing a scrumptious meal for the Safehouse residents and staff and spending quality time with the residents.

Project Four: Little Library. Volunteers will be installing a Free Little Library at two different community parks filled with English and Spanish books for all ages.

How can you be part of this exciting community event? Volunteer for one of our projects, donate goods to one of the projects, or fiscally sponsor a project.

CLICK HERE for a list of needed items or to donate funds.