Award Recipients

Silver Raincross Award

The Silver Raincross Community Award is presented each year to a Junior League Sustainer, in recognition of outstanding voluntary community service.

Silver Raincross Recipients:

Year Name
1979 Maxine Frost
1980 Suan Cornelison
1981 Gretchen Adams
1982 Virginia Esgate
1983 Peggy Wortz
1984 Ann Moise
1985 Ann Bullis
1986 Beverly Wingate
1987 Linda Mullen
1988 Julia Cooper
1989 Dottie Smith
1990 Doris Grubbs-Neufeld
1991 Maureen Kane
1992 Evie Guin
1993 Sue Johnson
1994 Donna Hood
1995 Merla Gaut
1995 Carol Sparks
1997 Debra Melton-Brown
Year Name
1998 Kathy Allavie
1999 Cathy Zimmer
2000 Merilee Bennett
2001 Eileen Ashwal
2002 Honey Jordan
2003 Ann De Wolfe
2004 Debby Phillips
2005 Elaine Ford
2006 Virginia Mac Donald
2007 Cynthia Roth
2008 Ardith Younglove
2009 Liz Woodford
2010 Sue Saks
2011 Collette Lee
2012 Lori Pendergraft
2013 Marilyn Jacobsen
2014 Cynthia Paulo and Julianna Tillquist
2015 Anita Kramer-Gorder
2018 Dr. Joan Roberts

New Member of the Year

The New Member of the Year Award is given to recognize a new member's unique contribution and outstanding participation in the Junior League of Riverside and furthering the League's mission.

New Member of the Year Recipients:

Year Name
2013 Samantha Jobelius
2014 Shereen Ghazvinian
2015 Jenny Randolph

Spirit of Volunteerism Award

The Spirit of Volunteerism Award (in memory of Bonnie Polis) is given annually to a Junior League member in recognition of her outstanding and unique Junior League contributions.

Spirit of Volunteerism Recipients:

Year Name
1997 Lori Pendergraft
1998 Chrissy Low
1999 Francie Johnson
2000 Anita Macbeth
2001 Connie Librenjak
2002 Liz Smith
2003 Christine Cahraman
2004 Nancy Connerat
2005 Kristin Varner
2006 Jenny Glendrange
Year Name
2007 Kathy Walck
2008 Teri Parker
2009 Laura Merickel
2010 Dawn VanWagenen
2011 Mandy Hyde & Jennifer Athens
2012 Adrianna Madril
2013 Brandy Sharpe
2014 Diana Carrillo
2015 Katie Wilson
2018 Amy Jennings
2019 Courtney Garcia

Friends of League Award

The Friends of the League Award was inaugurated at the 1999 Annual Meeting by the Board of Directors to honor the outstanding contributions of non-League members in promoting the League's mission. This award is not an annual award. The Board of Directors will determine when it is appropriate to give the award, as well as the recipient. Nominations from the general membership are welcomed.

Friends of League Recipients:

Year Name
1999 Marlan & Rosemary Bourns(Bourns Foundation)
2001 Tim Burgess (Burgess North American Moving and Storage
2005 The Johnson Family (Johnson Family Machinery)
Women of Achievement Awards Sept. 2014

2019 Spirit of Volunteerism
award recipient Courtney Garcia

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